The Flight Phase Adaptive Aero-Servo-Elastic Aircraft Design Methods (FliPASED) project opens a completely new dimension for the integrated aircraft design, since coupling between aeroelasticity, gust response, flight control methods, instrumentation and certification aspects is not exploited in current aircraft designs. A common set of models, coupled with joint requirements enable a multidisciplinary-optimized design for the entire aircraft, leading to more optimized overall performance. The demonstrator T-FLEX built within the FLEXOP project is carried over to FLiPASED and flights FT7-FT23 were flown with it, generating useful data for the aeroelasticity community. After an in-flight incident on 30/08/2022 the demonstrator was re-built as P-FLEX and flights FT24-FT37 were flown with the new demonstrator. Including active flutter control tests. The flight test data and corresponding documentation are published in the present repository.
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Oct 26, 2023
Julius Bartasevicius; Daniel Teubl; Thomas Seren; Sebastian Koeberle; Christian Roessler; Christian Rieger; Fanglin Yu; Fabian Wiedemann; Markus Lehmann; Busisiwe Sissing; Simon Schelle; Mateen Javad; Arturo Gutiérrez Munoz; Marius Weber; Mirko Hornung; Bálint Vanek; Szabolcs Tóth; Balogh Dániel; Tamás Luspay; Mihály Nagy; Balázs Fritsch; Bálint Patartics; Péter Bauer; Béla Takarics; Laszló Gyulai; Zoltán Szabó; Nicolas Guerin; Keith Soal; Thiemo Kier; Ramesh Konatala; Özge Süelözgen; Matthias Wüstenhagen; Carsten Thiem; Robin Volkmar; Yasser Meddaikar; Yves Govers; Richard Kuchar; Gertjan Looye, 2023, "FliPASED Flight test data",, CONCORDA, V5, UNF:6:ghzGVRhFZAld357WHrckog== [fileUNF]
Flight test data generated in the FliPASED project.
Jun 28, 2023
Vanek, Bálint; Patartics, Bálint; Takarics, Béla; Balogh, Dániel; Luspay, Tamás, 2023, "Flight Control Design and Analysis Scripts",, CONCORDA, V1
Analysis and design scripts of the flutter controller for the P-FLEX demonstrator aircraft
Jun 28, 2023
Vanek, Bálint, 2023, "Flight Test Data Analysis Template Script",, CONCORDA, V1
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